May 28, 2008


Music has been so much a part of my life, I did not realize until very recently how much it completely fascinated me and how much I needed it. I consume it quite passionately. Listening to unfamiliar genres of music is always complicated at first. But after a few repetitions it kinda arouses my appetite and I want more. New tunes brings in a new understanding of music and it’s relation to the world and to time. Music reflects all of it. So when I listen to a particular genre there are millions of thoughts and memories roaming through that tiny little brain of mine, which would be quite hard to pen down.
If you ever start to think of music as not just music, not just sound and melody… but so much more personal and mystical then the radio, the music playing on your stereo or your PC, it will never sound the same to you again. Everything seems much more bigger, loaded, awesome- just much more vital. And for the people who are reading this and have no idea what I’m saying- well, you’re missing out on so much!
New songs create new people… maybe I’m just exaggerating, maybe I’m not. ‘Suddenly I see’….the world seems a lot more colorful, my life seems so much more grand. This is what music means to me… and if you feel the same… do leave a comment!