August 31, 2008

August's End

There was an office party on Friday night. The experience was frightening and yet ultimately satisfactory, if only for the tons of alcohol I consumed while I was there. I had called Mr. Flirt and I still have no idea what I spoke to him about but my colleagues told me I was missing for over two hours. I spent the rest of the night, drowning in more alcohol and dancing…..Oh yeah! There was dancing! - Which was very surprising figuring the dance ban hasn’t been lifted?

I'm prone to crippling shyness and I'm not that much of a goody two shoes (Left to my own devices I'm prone to being very naughty, but you get the point.) Therefore, the idea that clubs are the easiest way for a woman to meet a man has never really worked for me. Catch me in the right mood and I can be awfully sociable. I rely on alcohol to loosen me up and since I'm pretty shy, I don't really have much natural grace to politely repel the unwanted advances of guys who creep me out. The whole night was such a bizarre mix of the familiar and the terrifyingly that I didn't really know what to do with myself afterwards, so I just went home and hit the sack.
Everyone who lives in B’lore and hasn't already seen it should immediately get tickets to 'All Shook Up' by Leila Alvares. It’s been awhile since I’ve spent an evening at the theater. The musical closes tomorrow, so don't delay.

Since Mr. Flirt and I have started talking to each other for long hours he has wanted me to express my thoughts, even when they are unpleasant. I don't know where he came up with such a disgusting idea--probably the same place he got the ridiculous notion that I think he’s my world. So in order to punish him I have been taking him at his word and I’ve been getting him really worked up lately.

Today was my concert with the band. Yay! I’m so happy it’s finally over! I was at practices the entire day and I hadn’t decided what to wear. So I had to throw together an outfit at the last minute from whatever I could find in my closet; I ended up making a very lucky choice, because I think I looked really good. My eyes were constantly glued to the monitor. I didn’t look up at the audience- I was so scared. It’s a tough thing to get up in front of an audience of about a thousand people and act cool and professional, or atleast not like you’re going to have a panic attack. The guitarist did an awesome job. I think he stole my thunder but it wasn’t more than I could bear. Chatter died and interest spiked when our band came up on stage. I bet it was the music that got everyone hooked to the performance. Standing ovation. We were forced to believe that we had done a good enough job.
I shall sign off for now with this track my boss gave me to listen to over the weekend. The Hold Steady with ‘First Night’. Tell me what you think of it. Hope you guys had a great weekend.

3 Pulses Say:

Anonymous said...

Is there a video on YouTube? I so wanna see. What did you sing?

I like the song. And dont drink so much sweetheart ...does funny things to the head.

And you know what, a man who talks on the phone for hours - there's something wrong there babe. That's not a guy thing, know what I'm sayin.

Nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

No, there isn't a Youtube video...yet. Glad you liked the track.. i do too.

'Not a guy thing'? Hey now! Not all men are alike. Maybe, just maybe he's a little different. (Fingers crossed) :D

Have a great week SwB

Anonymous said...

ditto at the crippling shyness :D though i don't drink either :)
i think its more a function of comfort level with people than shyness per se.. thanks for dropping in :)