June 03, 2008

Insiders, Outsiders and Old Boys: Covers Redone

Boy, do I love cover versions - when a band you love and a song you love come together and it works... doesn’t get better than that. Listen to John Mayer’s version of Hendrix’s ‘Wind Cries Mary’ and ‘Bold as Love’, No Doubt’s version of Talk Talk’s ‘It’s My Life’, Cat Stevens’ ‘Wild World’ redone by Mr. Big, Counting Crows doing ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and dozens more – good’s not the word, interesting - maybe, versions of the songs.

I love the new Opus Kroaknitghts Album.Been listening to it all week. My favourite’s are Venky’s ‘I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Alexis D’souza’s ‘Turn Me On’, Rooshad’s ‘Spiderman’ and Aditya Menon’s ‘Suck My Kiss.’ This CD just proves that Bangalore has oodles of talent.

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