June 26, 2008

Clash of Keys and Notes

Today is the day for theatre! It’s the last day for the play ‘Butter and Mashed Bananas’ to be shown in Bangalore and I can’t wait to see what this very talented director has in store for the audience. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Rangashankara, Jayanagar, I strongly encourage you to go and treat yourself to this play I’ve heard so much about.

There has been an artist that I’ve been meaning to write about for sometime now. He spells raw talent and it has been a pleasure to get to know him and his music for a year now. Airto Edmundo is a singing sensation from the Netherlands and to be honest he might sound pretty much the same as countless other contemporary artists hitting the airwaves right now. I would like to point out that he’s pretty much the same, but not exactly the awkward lone R&B artist everyone expects to hear when they tune into the Ryan Seacrest show and VH1. It’s just that every time he sings a song it sounds spot on great and his voice makes everything slightly rose colored. So check out his music on YouTube or on MySpace and five years from now you can sit back and say, “Well, I saw homemade videos of this guy before you even knew who he was.” And of course you can thank me for giving you this little insight into the musical gem that Airto is, but I’d rather you check him out and listen to all his music – covers and originals.

I think my musical taste seems far from the music most of the world seems to be engrossed with and to be honest most of the bands I write about might never ever make it due to lack of contacts and music biggies pushing them to the top. But I sense real talent in these bands and I really love the songs. I’m just doing my part out here- sharing the love through music.

Airto singing 'Superstar' (Luther Vandross)

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